Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Man cured of scurvy

At long last! Today I FINALLY got to trot out my Stella McCartney colour-blocked citrus print skirt that I ordered eons ago (feels like; actually was about a month). I fell in love with the "original" version as soon as it floated down the runway--I loved it at full price, I loved it more at a discount. But as fate would have it, when it did show up on The Outnet a few months ago, I was too slow to pull the trigger and could only watch on with green eyes and a drooling snarl as Leandra and Krystal gallivanted about town in their citron-infused bounty. Thanks to the tip-off from Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow (who I featured in my "Blogger Trend Challenge: Luxe Sport" story for FLARE.com) however, I was able to snatch up the last one of these zesty beauties!

The pile of oatmeal I have for brains at 2am will not allow me to describe this skirt with any word other than magnificent, but so be it because that's exactly what it is. It goes with absolutely everything (billowy chiffon blouse, neon tee, denim button-down, chunky knit pullover, sleek blazer...you name it) and plus the slit allows for a playfully sexy flash of skin when you walk. Today, in lieu of the chilly-ish weather, I've paired it with a grey striped sweater (courtesy of my little brother's closet which, I've discovered, is the best thing I've stumbled upon since my dad's closet) and matching striped socks to go with my Preen x Aldo heels.

(Sweater, American Eagle via little bro's closet; skirt, Stella McCartney; bag, Proenza Schouler; shoes, Preen x Aldo)

 Images from The Outnet; doodles by Old Man

Finishing touch: tarnished gold coin brooch, vintage

It felt like the ensemble needed a bit of decorative shine around the neck, but I wasn't in the mood for a necklace. The gold coin brooch I picked up last year at St Lawrence market in Toronto did the trick!

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