Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today: rummage rummage

The fruits of my antiques-diving labour today on a lovely sunny day, armed with high hopes and a bestie:

1. Big-ass key to open big-ass secret (magical) doors

2A. Dusty little magazine stand in need of a little TLC. I spot a DIY project...

2B. Two hours & a Lysol rubdown later: the primer a-dryin' and The Town a-playin'

Stay tuned! What colours/print should I do? A hefty twenty Old Man Points to the best suggestion.


  1. clearly you have to paint a giant keyhole on it for you massive key.

  2. Excellent! You've earned 20 OMP young man!

  3. No but I can whack you with my cane the next time I see you?

  4. Perhaps some sort of photorealistic print, with tiny details, inspired by that mary katrantzou exhibit? may have to go with wallpaper or similar. .