Tuesday, May 15, 2012


For my inaugural post, I figured--what could be more suitable than a fashion illustration?--one of my firsts after a lengthy hiatus. Sort of a first for a first, I suppose. First!

I've been so hung up on hammering out the layout of my new blog and making it beautiful before posting anything. But tonight I decided just to pump something out and worry about that later. After all, if you leave it to an old man to build a website on his own before rolling out the content, you may never live to see the blog go live.

Here it is: watercolour, ink, and pencil crayon on paper. Can you guess who/what this was inspired by? Ten Old Man Points to he who makes the first correct guess.


  1. That really looks like Vanessa Paradis, this French singer and actress who wa married to Johnny Depp. No?

  2. Thanks! This isn't her but I do love Vanessa's look--she has such a haunting beauty to her. It's funny because the subject actually looks nothing like the inspiration...ha!