Thursday, May 17, 2012

When Old Man met Mary

Last week, thanks to the lovely folks at The Bay, I had the absolute pleasure and honour of meeting one of my favourite emerging young designers, Mary Katrantzou. To label her emerging is a tad unfair, seeing as she already has several acclaimed seasons (including a BFW Emerging Talent award) under her belt and a hefty client list--including eccentric editrix Anna Dello Russo--to boast of.

(Left: photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Upon entering the bright space that is The Room at The Bay, we were greeted by the HB Pencil Dress

My dates to the event: bloggers Serina (L) & Susu (R) of Chic-du-Chic 

(Right: photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)

(Right: photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Mary was incredibly down to earth, sweet, and gracious, greeting her guests with a big smile and patiently posing for pictures with a long line of adoring fans. "Everyone in Vancouver is so positive!"

(Photos courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Some major fashion throwdown! 

An example of Mary Katrantzou's signature photo-realistic prints which have spawned a cult-like following

(Both photos courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Working hard or hardly working? Social media-ing, no doubt 

(Photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Susu (a.k.a. my sister, if you couldn't tell by the resemblance already) got compliments all night on her blazer. Said one gentleman (clad in Mary's floral-blocked blazer), "I love your jacket! Is it Celine?" We almost didn't have the heart to tell him it's from Zara!

(Left: photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Me with Monika of The Doctor's Closet (both wearing Zara--her dress here; my skirt here); Mana Mansour of West Coast Style interviewing Nicholas Mellamphy, director of The Room at The Bay

Spooning: something enjoyed by all

(Photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)

(Photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)

(Left: photo courtesy of Serina of Chic-du-Chic)
Susu's Balenciaga pumps ("they're hurting my feet!") on the escalator leaving the event

It was an amazing event and I'm so glad I was able to attend, especially since I was already such a fan of Mary's bright, manipulated prints and architectural silhouettes. Oof. Tired now from all this blogging and must go to bed. Good night!

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